Welcome to Avon UK, where for over 125 years we’ve stayed true to our founding values, vision and mission as the company for women.

And as we move into the digital era, we’re making progress in the development of Avon Online, securing an offering that keeps returning customers and reps happy, and new ones engaged.

To ensure the way we look, sound and communicate is consistent, we’ve created our very own Avon Digital Toolkit.

From the way our logo is used, to making sure our call-to-actions use the right tone of voice, this guide will give you the essentials you need to create digital assets that work in line with Avon’s values and vision.

Pillars of Digital Design

Enhancing brand perception

Digital covers a lot of channels meaning we need to stay true to our values in an ever-changing environment.

So, whether that’s by using the correct TOV in an email, or making sure our newest landing page uses Avon’s colours, everything we create needs to be aligned to our brand framework.

A 'mobile first' approach

With more emails and websites than ever being viewed via mobile devices, working with a mobile-first approach is a must.

This means working with responsive layouts and content to display information in a clear and engaging way.

'her' first

Everything we design is there to benefit her, our end-user. This means taking the time to learn more about our customers and representatives to know what they truly want from Avon.

It’s our job to make their digital experience simple, stress-free and rewarding.


When it comes to using the Avon logo, you have the options below.

The logos should never be altered in shape, style or colour. As a rule, it's advisable to always follow the black and white theme, ensuring there's enough clear space around the Avon lettering.

Tone of voice

The Avon tone of voice is engaging, friendly and knowledgeable. It’s important that our communications come across as both professional and approachable, so that our audience feel completely at ease. Essentially, we want them to feel like they’re talking to a friend, someone who’s there to help, but doesn’t come across as stuffy or corporate.

A few easy rules to follow, include:
I am [wrong] I’m [correct]
Representative [wrong] Rep [correct]
Make up [wrong] Make-up [correct]


Core primary colours

RGB: #EC008C
RGB: #000000

Avon is synonymous with pink, and that’s why it’ll always be our go-to colour. To make life easier, we’ve listed the three key colours and shades we’d recommend using to stay on-brand.

Each colour has a purpose. For example, the pink is usually used for call-to-actions, whereas black is often used for the main piece of content.


To stay on-brand, we'd always recommend using Helvetica Neue or Arial fonts across your website, social media and emails. It’s also good practice to ensure your website has the correct amount of Heading tags in order.